On the way

Here I am at Hong Kong airport, had a shower, a very ordinary ham sandwich, and a McCafe coffee. Life cannot be too bad.

The flight up from Brisbane was enjoyable.  I sat next to “Helen from Perigian Beach” on her way to the UK to see her children and grand children, and we were well looked after by Geoff Brown, our own “”pseudo business class” flight attendant. You see, we had an economy exit row, and we got to talking with Geoff. Of course, Geoff responded in kind and kept us well supplied with drinks, coffee, the real business class complimentary packs and some stories of life as a flight attendant.

All passed uneventfully and I watched about twenty movies … all for about five (5) minutes or so each movie. I just could not get too interested in the movies, and spent most of the flight listening to country music!

Hong Kong is hot, even in the airport terminal. I had my track suit pants and a jumper, and was soon very hot and ready for a shower.  It is the only time I imagine in my life when I’ll take a train to get a shower – that is from Gate 1 to Gate 60 to find that area was full with a waiting list, then about a 200 metre walk back to another gate for a HK$150 shower, that’s A$20. Anyhow it was refreshing and now I’m ready for the next flight leg, thirteen (13) hours to Heathrow.


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3 Responses to On the way

  1. athbl says:

    No mention of Miss Bianchi! How is she faring on this trip!?

    • missbianchiandme says:

      Special post for Miss B coming up soon, 🙂

      Wait until she is fully assembled again, right now she’s still in her bag

  2. Chookie says:

    John, just wonderful to get your news, enjoy hey. x

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