Hong Kong to London …

Great flight from Hong Kong to Heathrow, after I upgraded from “pseudo business class” that is the exit row, to British Airways “Premium Economy”. I had the equivalent of a Parker lounge chair, and felt thoroughly spoilt, but totally no guilt feeling.

It was a long flight, again many movies that did not really interest me, and then to the sleeping pills. Well the chemist advised me to just take half a pill, which did not work, so I took the other half pill, which did not work, so well I took a whole second pill … that worked!

The trip was a bit lonely  though, no one to talk to as my “lounge chair” was all by itself. So I listened to more country music, read some of my Tour de France magazine and just drifted in and out of sleep.

We arrived into Heathrow a bit earlier than the schedule, so I had plenty of time to find my way up and down the various escalators in Terminal 5. The terminal is massive in every way and the huge structural beams supporting the roof are a work of art. I’m sure well worthy of an Extreme Engineering cable TV show. Heathrow Terminal  5 looks well and truly ready for the Olympics, and it seems to me that every preparation is being made to keep everyone smelling nice indeed … there’s shop after shop after shop of Chanel, Dior etc.

So a shower and breakfast in the BA lounge and here I am now at 30,000 feet on BA522, Heathrow to Rome. Sadly the whole of Europe is covered by cloud but let’s hope it’s clear going into Rome.

What awaits me in Rome?

I hope Miss Bianchi has made the journey safely in her brand new bicycle bag, and that we both enjoy a safe cycle trip over the next few weeks.

But in the short term, I’m really looking forward to getting to the hotel in Rome, getting settled in and then heading out to explore Rome later today. The rest of the group should arrive by Friday evening, so I’ve the rest of today, tomorrow Thursday and Friday morning to do some walking around Rome.

Ciao for now, Giovanni


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