London to Rome

Right now we are flying over the French alpe. It’s beautiful, the snow still covering many of the mountains, the jagged ridges, the  deep green valleys, the roads snaking their way up the mountain sides, the deep green of the landscape and the small villages and I imagine ski resorts on the mountain sides. It’s the end of June and there’s still snow everywhere. Seeing this from the air makes me realise even more clearly that we are going to cycle up and over some of those mountains. Allez, allez …

It’s interesting now to see the smog or smoke covering the landscape as we come up to the industrial northern of Italy. Although there are no maps available in the cabin and my friendly flight attendant has tired of his tour guiding duties, I have to believe we are over Milano or thereabouts. There’s definitely a haze or smog even at this height.

Far out to our right there’s another aircraft a bit lower than us, brilliant red and white in the sunshine.  The coast line is coming up and I’d just love to know exactly where we are. I must plot it all out later. Wherever we are the city has its airport built on the seaside so that cannot be too hard to locate. Our flight path is converging with the red and white aircraft, an unusual sight in Australia but I imagine quite common here – it’s an Easy Jet and is about to pass under us. I’m on the starboard side so all I can see is the sea now,  else I’d see the whole Italian coast as we continue down the coast line. Maybe I might even get to see the Costa Concordia wreck. Back over the land and there are many villages along the coast, little bays, lots of small craft out at sea and a very rugged coastline.

As we come into Rome the flight attendant has come back to show me the Costa Concordia wreck out by the island to the right of the aircraft. The wreck is so far away but shows as a white line along the coastline on this photo. Compared to the island it’s easy to imagine the size of the wreck.

… and now we are in Italia!


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