Staying in touch, a brief note

Tuesday, 3 July

It’s 5.45 AM  and I’m sitting in bed, about to get ready for another day.

Today we ride into Lucca, and tomorrow is a rest day so I’ll be able to catch up on  my notes.

The ride is beautiful, the countryside just what we see in the images of Tuscany, and Italia proving to be everything I hoped to experience.

Fact is though I’m very tired each evening, not so much from the cycling itself, but from the heat and being in the sun all day. The temperatures are in excess of 40C for the first two (2) days and yesterday was in the high thirties. So each evening I’m ready for dinner and bed.

There’s much more to write about but that will have to wait until my rest day tomorrow, and I can sit in a cafe, drink coffee and write.

These are links to my daily rides, I still need to edit some aspects but for the moment here they are.

Day 1, Rome to Tuscania

Day 2, Tuscania

Day 3, to Sangiamanio

Bye for now, time to get packed and on my bicycle … see you in Lucca


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One Response to Staying in touch, a brief note

  1. Pauline says:

    Hi John, sounds hot; we r freezing here in Brisvegas. One more day of work then we are off. Don’t worry about feeling tired, you will soon ride yourself into swing of things. The rest day coming up in Lucca sounds wonderful. Remember enjoy and Eat (lots), Pray (for strong legs), Love Italian ! Pauline and Rossco

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