Tuesday, 3 July, San Giminiano to Lucca, 102 kms

Our ride started off this morning with a long climb out of San Giminiano. It was pleasant enough as the morning was cool, and the sun not as fierce as the previous days.

Our group went off and made good time to our first “grouping spot”, where we stopped for a cool drink and something to eat.

From there on it was a thrilling descent, very fast, and many long sweeping curves, and some short steep corners, including one particular switch back. It was all good, but I was well aware of our higher speeds, and was cautious on the corners. But even so we flew down.

We climbed again to a hill top village for lunch, and then off again down the long descents. A stop for gelato under the trees, then we grouped together for the remaining twenty (20) kms into Lucca.

All in all a very enjoyable day on the bicycle, but it was good to arrive in Lucca and know I had a rest day ahead.

My Garmin was playing up today and dropped the course, so my course plot is in two (2) parts. These are the two (2) links;




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