… which way do I go?

The tour operators provide with route maps each day, and have also provided Garmin GPS or downloaded the routes into our own Garmin’s. I can only say how happy I am that I have my own Garmin.

Each morning we are given the detailed route map, and we highlight the route on our own maps with a highlighter pen. So the route map, combined with the Garmin bike computer makes navigation just that bit easier.

Notice I write “just that bit easier”.

We  still get lost … regularly!

So whenever you make an incorrect turn, or miss a turn, the Garmin will display a ‘’off course’’ message. Amidst the surrounding confusion and much discussion of ‘’left / right’’ etc, it came to mind how easily we can get lost, the resultant confusion as see work out which way to go and then the relief which follows when the Garmin responds with the correct route mapping.

How different life might be if there was a “Garmin of life’’ which set out our life’s route. If it displayed a message for us when we went ‘’off course’’, and just as importantly it displayed the course again when we were ‘’back on track’’. Just as in cycling inn an unfamiliar country we often have no way of knowing we are ‘’off course’’ and we eventually realise not everything is as it should be, but by then we can be a long way down the incorrect road … and then comes the ‘’finding your way back’’ challenge. As in cycling that ‘’way back’’ can sometimes be uphill … after all that’s what happened to me yesterday and we had to climb back up into the hilltop village.

But then you know, I knew we were on the incorrect route, we were going the wrong way in a one way lane, and we were going downhill … fast, and I knew it was wrong … but we continued in spite of that. Why do we do that? Why do we sometimes continue on a path even though we know it is wrong, yet we do it because ‘’… others say it’s OK’’.

Mmm … I’ve something to think about over the next few days.


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