… does Cadel have to do the washing on his rest day? Tuesday, 10 July 2012 – Torino, rest day

What an enjoyable feeling to wake up this morning knowing I had a day to do whatever I liked, other than … the washing.

You see I’ve been washing my clothes in the bathroom and well, it’s a bit of a pain. In Rome I could not find the laundry mat, so I was looking forward to our first rest day in Lucca, and voila, there was a laundry mat … things seemed to be getting better. So I thought, I’d wait until our next rest day in Torino, and I’d find another laundry mat.  But it was not to be as the laundry mat is on the other side of the city. So, here I am faced with travelling across the city, or doing what I should do anyhow and wash my clothes myself.

‘’Stop complaining’’ I said to myself, consider how lucky you are to even be here.

Now you see washing while on tour is as interesting an experience as showering … it takes a certain state of mind.

Fortunately the Europeans have designed the bathrooms to help travellers by providing both a bathroom basin and a bidet, and I’ve put the bidet to good [but unintended] use! So with a bag full of clothes to wash, I had to get on with it. I’ve developed a multi step process;

  1. Fill the hand basin, and fill the bidet [ignoring what it’s really used for],
  2. Washing powder into the hand basin,
  3. Clothes one at a time into the hand basin  … swirl, swirl, squeeze, squeeze, wring, wring,
  4. Into the bidet … swirl, swirl, squeeze, squeeze, wring and wring, and then
  5. Onto the shower floor.
  6. Repeat over and over until all clothes through the “washing cycling”, and stacked on the shower floor, and then
  7. Turn on the shower to rinse the clothes one at a time, and then
  8. Wring out and place back in the bidet one at a time.
  9. This step takes some real imagination … erecting the clothes line. The options are sometimes limited, and other times limitless, or if I’m really lucky I have a balcony
  10. And that’s that, the clothes washed and hung out to dry.

Oh how I miss our Asko washing machine!


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