Monday, 9 July – Asti to Torino, 75 km

Everyone was looking forward to today in one way or another, yet it brings one thing to an end so another can begin. Today is the end of the first stage of our trip, Rome to Torino.

While it was to be a short distance, compared to what we’ve done in the past week, we were to face the “rolling hills” we’ve come to experience.

Our day started with a climb out of Asti, and then down onto flat farm land. It was all good as we rolled along on a beautiful day. We all knew we had some climbing to do, but I’m sure none of us expected a 17% hill … that was tough. But we all got up it … grunt, groan, push, pull … grunt, groan, push and pull.

This is the link to our ride today xxxx

I thought about the climbing and descending we are doing on our trip, and how climbing, descending and rolling along the flat can be how our daily lives might often seem.

Each evening we have a briefing, and we also receive the trip notes which include the ride profile for the next day. I’ve often looked around the group as the notes are handed out, and I’ve noticed the different reactions to the route profile, elevations, gradients, grouping points, and total distance. I know I felt a little anxious on the evening before our 141 km day. As the actual ride evolved it was definitely hard, but I was determined to ride the full route, even if I had to stop on the climbs to let my heart rate drop. I suppose the point I take from this is that we can sometimes fear something and by continuing to think about it, we escalate the level of fear to an unrealistic extent where we can almost paralyse ourselves, and be ‘’beaten before we even start’’. I don’t believe for a moment that this is any great discovery, I’m sure sports coaches and many others already work with people who don’t believe in their ability to achieve, but thinking about the forthcoming long hard day in front of me made this even clearer.

“We are what we think’’ is a easy mantra to focus on when I’m feeling anxious or fearful, and well, I better start getting that in my mind as we’ve some very big days awaiting us in la belle France.


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