Beaune to Semur en Auxois, Tuesday, 17 July, 104 kms

The group was generally anxious today about the profile of the climbs after the past few days of climbing. There was some dissention in the group about the need for the extent of climbing and the difficulty of the rides especially the distances. The guides identified an alternative route to avoid the first climb, and some of the group took that option.

Now I’ve been riding with a nice group I’ve self title the ‘’ANZUS group’’ which is comprised of three (3) Americans and three (3) Australians. I’ve given NZ some opportunity to participate if we found a NZ who could join – but that did not happen. Anyhow we ride together well, and are generally around the same level. It’s a nice group comprised of for the US; Peter and Joseph, a father and son, and Bob a retired CPA, and for Australia; Deb a solicitor from Brisbane, Sharon a radiographer from Sydney and Missbianchiandme.

Anyhow we all decided to do the original route which included the climbing, and although it looked daunting at first we all managed it well enough. The gradients were nowhere near as we had feared.

It was beautiful riding out of Beaune through vineyards, past stately chateaux, little villages, beautiful valleys, farming communities and even a genuine castle at Chateauneuf where we stopped for the obligatory “chocolate chaud”’ [hot chocolate].

I was back on my bicycle today after taking a day off yesterday as I had stomach aches and a very sore throat. I woke this morning with the sore throat still present but I was determined to ride, so I did. We have a doctor in the group so I checked with him and his advice was to ride if I felt up to it, or to get in the van if I felt off. Not very scientific really but it made sense and I appreciated his frank advice, including him checking up on me during the day to see how I was feeling.

While today was short by comparison with our other days, it still was enough for us all and we arrived in  Semur en Auxois all very tired.

So an early dinner, in France that means a minimum of two and a half hours at the table, and then to bed.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, the best bathroom of my trip, but ,,,


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2 Responses to Beaune to Semur en Auxois, Tuesday, 17 July, 104 kms

  1. Chookie says:

    Hello John, have been reading your emails as they come in. Great reading and I have been in stitches of laughter of your description of your washing and the bath plug. It is bringing back memories of our trip in 2010. The riding hard by the sounds of things. I would not have liked coming down Alpe D’Huez again that is for sure, at least it was sunny the day I went down. Glad you are ok after your fall, good idea to hold back a bit, I think we get tired too on these trips. Continue to enjoy and look forward to hearing more of your news. They are so entertaining. Cheers Chookie

    • missbianchiandme says:

      all good chookie, rode into margais this afternoon and a few hours of spare time. look forwrd to catching up with you when I get home, john w

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