… how hard is it to plug a bath?

One of the things we all look forward to is a hot shower at the end of the day, and it’s just heaven [rare] when our hotel bathroom has a bath tub.

But tonight I was absolutely stunned … I have a large spa in my bathroom. ‘’Lucky boy me’’, I thought … and things just went downhill from there!

Now I like to believe I’ve at least average intelligence. So far I’ve been able to work out how to turn on the bathroom shower taps of all designs all the way from Rome. Let me assure you it’s quite an achievement as some very smart [or stupid] people designed so many different types of tapes, at least in my experience here so far.

So I turned on the taps to fill the spa, and went about unpacking, all in great anticipation of a wonderful soaking bath. After about ten (10) minutes I went back into the bathroom to check on the level in the spa, and … it was empty! How could this be? Then I checked the plug again to realise it was very different to anything I’d seen ever in my short life, and I just cold not work out how to plug it to hold water. By now I’m just a little frustrated, so I think to myself, ‘’if it’s so complicated, maybe there’s instructions somewhere’’. It didn’t take me long to find the instructions … that was the large sign on the wall above the spa with directions to use the ‘’automatic plug’’. ‘’Mmmmm …’’, how did I not notice the large sign?’’

Anyhow, it cannot be too hard … to translate the French and if that failed the German instructions. Obviously the hotel management did not anticipate any English speakers to want to use the spa.

So I tried, and I tried, and I tried to use every possible way to plug the ‘’automatic plug’’.

At last I had a thought and a ready solution, so I just climbed in, sat down and hosed myself with the hand shower. Sometimes things just don’t work out as we’d like!!


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One Response to … how hard is it to plug a bath?

  1. michael says:

    well done john – i would have thrown it out the window – keep up the good riding – lyn riding at activ (river loop) tomorrow me going to work on the truck – need the money – daughter (ruth) left home but still wanting a “handout”

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