19 July, Sancerre to Montargis, 97 kms

What a wonderful feeling this morning to wake up knowing we had a relatively shorter ride, with minimal climbing.

A leisurely breakfast and then a later depart at 8.30 am. Our day started with a nice descent into the valley, and then the inevitable climb back out of the valley through beautiful vineyards. The morning was overcast, very light drizzle, and a cool breeze, so I was rugged up for the descent as I feel the cold.

The farmlands we passed through were a mixture of vineyards, corn, wheat and pasture with the white cows apparently typical of this region of France. It was a lovely days cycling and we moved along at a good pace.

… and then the wind. It is a well known fact that the only winds a cyclist experiences is either a headwind or a cross wind, and today we had it most of the day. This has the consequence of alternating between hot and cold and at various times during the day I was very cold yet perspiration dripping down my face.

We rode along some canals and stopped for a break that is chocolate chaud by the canal viaduct. This is an amazing piece of engineering design and construction carrying the canal high above the Loire river at Pont Canal de Briare, built between 1890 – 1894. This is a ink to come general information about the pont canal


So this afternoon we arrived into Montargis, tired, but very happy with the day especially that we have some free time to just ‘’chill out’’.

This cycling trip has shown me so many things, the beauty of Italy and France, and some aspects of those two (2) cultures, and it makes me want to learn and experience more of both. I hope I can do that … so it remains to me to make that happen.

This is a link to our ride today – http://app.strava.com/rides/13835050

I will sleep well tonight, and let’s hope I have some dreams.


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