A typical day on this ‘’tour de Giovanni’’

‘’buzz, buzz,buzz’’ goes off at 6 am, and it’s time for up.

Our morning timing is generally breakfast at 7 am and luggage and ride out at 8 am.

I like to be organised before I go to bed with my riding gear for the next morning so that I’m on time to leave. But it’s not always so easy as the weather plays a big part when you’re cycling quite quickly.

Breakfast is simple with cereals, pastry, bread and frit.

In Italy the days were hot and dry, though we did have some rain. But in France the day might start out clear and sunny, but it seems to quickly turn to overcast , windy, with some drizzle and I can get cold. The scenario generally is, start out with warm gear, then I get hot quickly, so some gear off, then I get cold, so the gear goes back on, then I get hot again … it’s a cycle of events I’ve just come to accept.

Almost without exception, every morning ride starts off with an uphill, the only variable being the length and the gradient. This is so even on the hill top towns!

We generally ride for about forty (40) kms or so before we stop for a break and coffee in a village or small town. In between times the support van will be along the road with water and food, normally museli bars, fruit or nuts. We’ll then ride on for another thirty / forty kilometres before we stop for lunch, generally a baguette or quiche from a patisserie.

After lunch we’ll ride through to an afternoon tea, and generally arrive at the hotel anywhere between 5 – 6 pm.

Then it’s garage the bikes, up for   shower, briefing generally at 7 pm, and then either a group dinner or dinner separately.

In summary through, the day’s profile is; ride, eat, sleep!


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6 Responses to A typical day on this ‘’tour de Giovanni’’

  1. Daniele says:

    “Almost without exception”…
    Today was an exception, wasn’t it? 🙂

    • missbianchiandme says:

      hi daniele, but we did hsve a few little uphills!! like riding with you mon amie, giovanni uno

    • missbianchiandme says:

      Hi Daniele, hope you arrvied back safely in Italy.

      Thought you might be interested in this link to my 2010 blog – as you might notice, it evoked far different feelings and thought for me – I don’t know why my 2012 trip impacted me so differently, and I’ll be thinking about that.

      Thank you for the note you left for me.


      Take care of yourself my friend, john w

    • missbianchiandme says:

      hi Daniele,

      have found two (2) of the Statute of Liberty – Musee dÓrsay and Jardin du Luxembourg, and also visited Sainte Chapelle.

      Looking forward to going home though.

      Hope all good with you, john w

  2. Chookie says:

    like the sound of all that John, you are stopping more often than what I did on my trip in 2010, i probably would have coped with the riding better if we had done that. My next trip something like that. Keep enjoying.

    • missbianchiandme says:

      you would enjoy this ride chookie – keep 2016 free for the paris to london final leg. i hope to do more mwheulti day rides when i get home. might even do the bicycle queensland ride in september. john

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