Saturday, 21 July, Fontainebleau to Paris, 89 kms

So today I knew we had the equivalent of one (1) Saturday morning ride, or alternatively, two (2) river loops to go. This was the first and only time I focused on the finish of the ride. Sometimes I would mentally break a day’s ride up into ‘’mindsets of thirty (3) kilometres’’, but today it was different … I became focused on the finish of the tour. That seemed an odd thought for me to have, and I’m still puzzled by how I was thinking.

It was a clear sunny day, a little cool but not too cold. We set off on time, and had a lovely ride through the Fontainebleau forest before coming out into farmland of sun flower, wheat and corn. As we entered the outskirts of Paris we were mindful of the advice from Enrico to be very wary of our bicycles and personal belongs especially at the Crosne Train Station

Montgeron where we were to regroup.

The train station was like any other, but the warning from Enrico brought a whole new sense of return to reality which I’d not felt since our tour began several weeks ago.

As we continued we rode through the less fortunate suburbs of Paris, industrial areas, and then onto a bike path along the Seine. It was all however far from a picturesque ride into Paris, more like a ride through the dirt and grime of an industrial city.

A sad way to enter Paris, I thought, and I came to realise how lucky we are to live in a beautiful clean city like Brisbane.

But soon we came across a turn in the river, and there was the Notre Dame –

A brief stop, and then we continued along the left bank and then we were there … le Tour Eiffel.

This is the link to our ride today –

Le tour … cést fini.


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