Culture, art and history … Paris, Thursday, 26 July

A full plan for today; Grand Palais, Petit Palais, and the Jardin du Luxembourg, and of course… walking, walking and some more walking.

The Grand Palais is a beautiful building but I was disappointed to see that it’s mostly just a huge empty open space building for large scale exhibitions. Unfortunately there were no exhibitions and the interior, which was closed to the public, was simply full of various renovation activities.

This is a link to information on the Grand Palais

There was though a Helmut Newton photographic exhibition in a side pavilion, so I went into see that. Interesting is how I’d describe the photographs of mostly nude models … at least all the brochures said the photographs were very artistic.

This is a link to Helmut Newton –, ut_Newton

… and then across the Avenue Winston Churchill to le Petit Palais. The Petit Palais is certainly a lovely building, with an interesting collection of art and artefacts, and I spent several hours there including a nice lunch in the interior jardin.

This is a lank to the Petit Palais –

Time to move on and I took the metro to the Jardin du Luxembourg to see the beautiful gardens and public park space. It was lovely walking through the gardens, with the fountain and sailing boats on the pond and people everywhere either under the trees, on the green chairs, or lying about on the lovely lawns. It was interesting to see there was one large lawn area which was crowded with young people  all lying in the sun, having a picnic lunch with their bottle of wine beside them, or just talking. This is clearly a meeting area. The use of public parks in Paris never ceases o amaze me, especially how people sit in the sun and just burn.

This is a link to the Jardin du Luxembourg –

Then it was on to a bus with no fixed destination, for me the ‘’bus to anywhere’’, and  I ended up back at the Ile de la Cite and got out where I saw the sign for La Sainte – Chapelle. This is a beautiful two level church, which is now enclosed within the Palais du Justice, and is world renowned for its stained glass windows. Truly beautiful and incredible.

This is a link to

… and then on a bus again to the hotel. Not so quickly though as I totally miscalculated the get off stop and well I had to walk and walk and walk again.  But no problem, it’s an opportunity to see even more areas of Paris.

But you know, it all starts to look the same after a while, which gets me thinking it’s time for me to be thinking about going home. What awaits me there though, an interesting, vibrant and enjoyable life, or more of the same … that’s up to me.


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