French authority is final … ‘’Non’’

It’s happened for the first time on this trip, the French definitive word ‘’Non’’.

Pity really as I’ve enjoyed my time in Paris, but when you come up against it in France, then there’s no way around it. Well I’d allowed myself plenty of time to get a cab to the airport early so as not to get caught in the notorious Paris traffic, and as expected we did get caught up in a traffic jam on the peripherique, and it took extra time to get there than normal. No problem I thought, as I’d allowed for that eventuality or should I say ‘’certainty’’.

Anyhow, I arrived at CDG  and all was good until … ‘’Non Monsieur, you cannot check in your baggage more than two (2) hours before your flight’’. That was it, no further discussions, debate, pleading was going to get me anywhere, it was ‘’Non’’ and that was it!

So here I am now, renewing my acquaintance with the CDG seating, waiting for another two (2) hours before I can check my bags in and go to the BA lounge.

‘’Can I take an earlier flight to Heathrow, which means I can check my bags in now?’’

I don’t know why, but I felt that might work.

‘’Non Monsieur, your flight is later in the day and you must wait for that flight’’

‘’But can you check if there’s any spare seats on an earlier flight, and if so, can I change my flight?’’

‘’Non Monsieur, your flight is already booked on BA323’’

Sometimes you just have to give in to the authority of an airline check in person.

It’s hard to remain calm when the turkeys are cackling all around you, so I had to admit defeat and sneak away to sulk in a corner just out of sight of Enregistrement 3, the check in counter.

Petulance is something usually reserved for the young, but well I felt that again today … maybe that means I’m younger that I thought!

Now comes the quandary, it’s 1.40 pm, I’ve another one hour twenty minutes to wait until I can check in, so how do I go about getting a cafe? Should be easy enough, except that I need to take Miss Bianchi, my suitcase, and my back pack with me. In some way I feel almost like Mr Livingstone heading into the African jungle …. It’s really a jungle here at CDG today!

The alternative is that I might starve if I don’t get lunch … or maybe not.


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